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Something about me
Hi my name is Patrik Kovar in I am from Slovakia, currently living in Åndalsnes, Norway. I'm wedding video maker, content creator, travel photographer and hopefully soon a surfer haha.

I've been making videos for over 6 years now. I started at a university in Slovakia and made different kinds of projects. I shot several weddings as a second cameraman. In Norway, I work as a content creator for the restaurant Eggen and as a video maker and photographer. I started with a long wedding videos last year. I realised how wonderful occasion a wedding. I decided to capture it on longer clips. My parents and I often watch old videos at home.
Sometimes even for hours, it's a truly unique path down a memory lane. Here I understood how precious is to return to those small twinkles because we don’t realise they are special at the moment. After years if we rewatch it, we are able to come back to the moments thanks to real situations or conversations.

When I’m going to have a wedding I would like to have captured more memories than just a 3 minute clip. I would like to watch it in the evening with my kids and tell them everything about that day. Videos will for sure help me to remember the moments.

I started doing this videos, because I think there’s more people like me or my parents.